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PAWLICA trademark = registered technology solution. PAWLICA trademark is protected by a patent.

More than a hundred installations, approved technology and satisfied customers – this is why we sell our solutions all across the Europe.PAWLICA technology solution is a safe bet. It is guaranteed that PAWLICA post-harvest line will be constructed using proven European and American technologies and that their mutual integration and function has been tested on hundreds of installations. Combination of BROCK silos, STELA dryers, GEBR. RUBERG cleaners and SKANDIA conveyors received a 'PAWLICA post-harvest line' protected certified patent.

STELA is a German family business, which has been making dryers for 120 years. They are world leaders in this business sector. The seat of the company is located in Massing near the Bavarian city of Passau. The company specializes in agriculture and industrial drying technology, which enables it to focus on technology development and increasing production effectiveness. They produce industrial belt dryers for sawdust, wood chips, sewage sludge, digestate, vegetables as well as trough dryers for non-free-flowing material such as pumpkin and other seeds. The agricultural dryers include tower dryers and mobile dryers for all kinds of grain. Stela is the only producer distinguishing between corn tower dryers and grain tower dryers, as it aims at constant reduction of drying cost.   


BROCK is an American silo manufacturer with an eighty-five-year-long tradition. BROCK is well-known for top quality, long-term values and state-of-the-art constructions. It is regarded a world leader in the field. The company was founded in 1957 with the aim of providing farmers with feed and grain storage bins. Its seat is located in Milford, Indiana. It is a member of the Chore-Time Brock (CTB) group, which supplies complete technology solutions from storage to poultry, hog and egg production. The group has an annual turnover of more than 1 bln USD and is traded on the American Stock Exchange. 

BIN is a respectable Polish manufacturer of grain silos. The quality of its products and a strong position on the market is enforced by 24 years on the market and 50 thousand silos for 5 million tonnes of crops supplied. The company was founded in 1990, but the process started ten years before, when its founder Zygmund Krzeminski started to look for ways of storing grain on his farm. This is where he constructed first flat bottom silos made of galvanized steel. In 1997 he won an award for his contribution to Polish agriculture. The company's products include agricultural and export industrial silos with capacity of up to 2,200 tonnes.  


This German manufacturer of cleaners and pre-cleaners for cereals and other grain is proud to have been on the market since 1848. The company has developed a range of innovative solutions for grain cleaning. In 1975 they launched their first sieve cleaner with rotation system in the world, which they have been producing so far with the performance of up to 600 t/h. The seat of the company is located in Nieheim in Germany and its products are used not only in agriculture but also in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


A specialized global manufacturer of high quality Swedish cereal and grain conveyors. They provide three product lines: Lite, Industry and Heavy Duty. The company is constantly looking for new innovative solutions for their technology and flexibly responds to the demands and needs of its customers.


The Danish family company JE-MA is located in Sahl in the middle of Denmark. Its product range, which has been developed gradually for 70 years, includes various types of conveyors and elevators, including special combined conveyors which allow a combination of horizontal and vertical transportation. The company also has a complete programme for loading and unloading of floor halls using belt conveyors.


The American company dating back to 1945 is currently the world leading supplier of grain handling equipment. It offers a complete range of auger, chain and belt conveyors, silo sweep unloading devices and a revolutionary technology of Grain Pump for easy loading and unloading of agricultural silos and halls.


Pfeuffer is a leading German manufacturer of laboratory equipment for measuring the grain quality. Its programme includes a complete range of equipment from moisture measurement in the field and at post-harvest lines to automatic and manual sampling of grain from trucks, cleaning, sorting and complete analysis of all samples. The Pfeuffer products are present in agricultural and food-processing companies worldwide.

SØBY is a traditional family company that has been developing and offering solutions for the transport of grain and other plant commodities since 1961. The product range of transport technologies includes a wide range of chain, sled or cork conveyors with outputs from 5 up to 150 t/h.