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Grain Terminal

  • Clear and secure application
  • Fee just 1 %
  • Futures option
  • Only for registered users
  • Payments protected for both parties by ČSOB
  • Better sale and purchase prices with no middleman

GrainTerminal – commodities trading platform

Pawlica s.r.o. has expanded its activities to include trading in plant commodities, by launching its new www.grainterminal.cz application in spring 2017. This is a platform for trading in agricultural commodities, or a specific tool for direct contact between producers and processors.

The motivation was to create one central location where a simple web application would enable producers and manufacturers from the cereals and grains, oilseeds and legumes sector to meet and securely conduct trade deals in Central Europe. The project partner is the ČSOB bank, which developed secure deposit payment accounts for the project. This means that farmers can sell directly to Germany, Austria or also to Poland, where there is huge demand for cereals.

The www.grainterminal.cz application is intended solely for registered, verified, and reliable users. These are producers-farmers on the one hand and on the other processors or companies exporting European surplus production outside our continent. Bypassing even just one link in the trade chain offers potential for individual users of the system to achieve a significantly better business economy.

Deals are conducted under the FCA seller scheme, in accordance with the internationally recognised Incoterms 2010 delivery terms. Money from the customer is deposited with the bank, which gives the farmer the guarantee that as soon as the goods are duly delivered in the requisite quantity and quality, it is automatically paid out to the farmer on the basis of the contractual documentation.

Deposit accounts are displayed online in the application, and so both parties can check whether the money has been deposited for the given contract. If not, under our terms and conditions the seller is not obliged to load even a kilogram of goods. On the other hand, if the seller fails to comply with its commitments, the money deposited is transferred back to the purchaser’s account.

Thanks to this application the farmer has the certainly of being able to agree on the price directly with the end customer; the application also ensures that the payment is transparent. It enables the end customer to choose from a large number of registered suppliers.

It is very easy to carry out deals via GrainTerminal. The new user registers free of charge via the web form, filling in basic information about their company. As the operator and administrator we check the credibility of the details entered from the available sources, or visit the user in person. After the verification process the user can enter an offer, which involves filling in a form with the declared parameters of the product. A user that has entered an offer and a user that is seeking the given commodity can then start to negotiate the terms of the deal. If the other party accepts the presented offer, a legally binding contract is then concluded. The application automatically generates the written contract, saves it to both parties’ user accounts and also sends it to the parties’ email addresses

The system enables deals to be timed variably, i.e. contracts can be concluded which are to be physically implemented immediately, or futures deals can be made, where goods can be moved within a time frame of months up to one year.

An integral feature of the system is the payment point function, via deposit accounts in crowns, euros and zlotys. The project partner for matters concerning purchase price payments is ČSOB, where accounts in the individual currencies are held under the name GrainTerminal operation deposited funds. 



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