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SKANDIA Conveyors

  • high performance
  • horizontal and vertical transport
  • reliability
  • wide model variability
  • long service life

SKANDIA Conveyors

For higher capacity of grain transportation starting at 60 t/h within a post-harvest line we use conveyors made by SKANDIA, a leading European manufacturer from Sweden. Their product range includes various types of bulk conveyors for horizontal transport and elevators for vertical transportation. The conveyors are fully galvanized and manufactured in compliance with the EU regulations.

Under the bulk conveyors and elevators SKANDIA offers three series.

L series (Lite)

L conveyors are designed for smaller warehouses and lines with transport requirement of up to 60 t/h and are used primarily during the harvest period. These bulk conveyors and elevators are intended for farms with a turnover of up to 3,000 tons per year.

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I series (Industry)

The I series of conveyors (Industry) is suitable for businesses with year-round operation of up to 50,000 tons per year and performance demand of 40-120 t/h. Bulk conveyors have a classic design, where the grain travels in rectangular chambers being carried by plastic carriers (HDPE) fastened to a robust high-resistance chain. Both L and I series include loading, unloading and curved bulk conveyors of 15 °, 30 ° and 45 ° angle, and inclined conveyors with high carriers, which work up to an angle of 45 °.

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H series (Heavy-Duty)

The H series (Heavy-Duty) is designed for continuous year-round operation, e. g. in ports and rail terminals transporting more than 30,000 tons per year. Bulk conveyors and elevators in this series are available in capacity of 60-600 t/h. The construction of conveyors in these series is very robust and has a long service life. This is thanks to 8 mm thick plastic padding at interfaces of elevator and bulk conveyor floors. Curved conveyors for the most challenging series with performance of up to 200 t/h have been recently introduced.

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All SKANDIA conveyors use a reliable and powerful NORD drives. On request, we can supply Ex conveyors for explosive environments. Another additional equipment is residue-free design of bulk conveyors, outlet slides which can be opened either perpendicularly to the axis of the conveyor, or with moving along the axis of the conveyor, which significantly saves space on the operation footbridge above the silo.

Bulk conveyors are equipped with end switches to prevent engine overload and blocking of the conveyor. Elevators can be fitted with belt alignment sensors. Speed monitor, drum back stop with guard and the bucket belt resistant to rape seed oil is already a part of standard equipment. Newly SKANDIA produces a discharge sweep system with a chain and plastic carriers. This new product should ensure more thorough and grain-friendly discharge of the product from the silo.

The SKANDIA products are suitable for various purposes within a post-harvest line or storage system.



Dopravníky Skandia
Dopravníky Skandia
Dopravníky Skandia
Dopravníky Skandia
Dopravníky Skandia
Dopravníky Skandia


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