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JE-MA Conveyors

  • transport capacity of up to 60 t/h
  • chain conveyor with the possibility to change direction by 90 ° or 45 ° turn
  • wide model variability
  • high quality
  • reliability
  • the conveyors are fully galvanized and manufactured in compliance with the EU regulations

 JE-MA Conveyors

The JE-MA conveyors are a solution for material transport capacity of up to 60 t/h. Their advantage is high capacity at low energy consumption and very good design solutions. The principal company products are conveyors for grain, cereals, various seeds, granulates and fertilizers. The conveyors are fully galvanized and manufactured in compliance with the EU regulations. They include standard bucket elevators, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, and combined chain conveyors. JE-MA is a Danish manufacturer producing also intake hoppers and drive-over intake pits with a built-in steel trough, which is an integral part of the intake conveyor. In case of low groundwater levels we are able to make a lower double intake pit.

A very successful product of the JE-MA company is a chain conveyor with the possibility to change direction by 90 ° or 45 ° turn. The conveyor is made of a strong chain with rubber carriers that carry the grain in filled chambers. The change of direction is enabled by a special turn station which moves both the pulling and reversing part of the turn. T20 model's capacity is 20 t/h,  T40 model's is 40 t/h.

T20 and T40 combined chain conveyors are made of standardized components of the modular system made of galvanized smooth sheets. The material is transported by a strong roller chain with riveted rubber carriers. The horizontal section may be adjusted to serve as an intake hopper. What makes these conveyors so special is the possibility of simultaneous horizontal and vertical transport of material under a single drive. Additionally, the entire transport of material takes place above ground so there is no need to dig the heel of the elevator into the ground. The drive options are a gear motor or gear with pulleys and V-belts.

The JE-MA T20 / 40 system combines an intake hopper with a discharge conveyor. The hopper can be standing on the ground or can be placed inside a pit (drive-over grids). The intake capacity is up to 40 t/h.

The T19V belt conveyors represent a modular system based on standard elements which, when properly combined, can be assembled into various transport systems. The advantages are small dimensions, low weight, varied assembly options and easy construction. T19V conveyors are suitable for horizontal or slightly rising transportation. Their performance ranges from 25 to 50 t/h. For higher performance the following models are available: T50, T51, T52 and BC400 with a capacity of 60, 105, 150 and 300 t/h respectively. The belts are oil-proof, chambers are made of galvanized coated sheets with plastic rollers. For larger inclination angles conveyors can be equipped with a belt with corrugation or a rake.

A standard JE-MA production program also includes bulk conveyor (T49, T57 and C300) and bucket elevators (T53, T54, T55 and E300) with capacity 60 - 225 t/h.

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