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Concrete Silos

We can provide:

  • higher competitiveness
  • lower requirements for operating staff
  • better information flow
  • possibility to communicate with the accounting-operating system
  • online inventory status information

Options of modernizing concrete silos 

As there were not enough steel silos with adequate capacities in the past, large-capacity concrete silos were built instead. In the centrally-planned state such silos had to ensure sufficient storage capacity for mill industry and producers of fodder for cattle. There are hundreds of such silos and their total capacity is more than 3.5 million tons.

Their current technical conditions reflect the times when they were built and are inadequate in the present. Most of the silos use technology developed at the time when they were built and in line with the past production requirements. The original intake, transport and expedition capacity of 60 – 80 t/h can limit operation of such installation in the present when the owner wants to meet various demands of his suppliers and business partners. In other words, a non-modernized installation cannot provide high quality services or aspire to expand in business.

Disadvantages of old concrete silos

Low capacity, unreliability, high requirements for operating staff, inefficient operation.


Intake, increased capacity, improved cleaning, drying, transport systems, electrical installation, control.


Higher competitiveness, lower requirements for operating staff, better information flow, possibility to communicate with the accounting-operating system, online inventory status information.

Technology reliability and its user-friendly control seem most important from the operation point of view. Industrial computer and SIEMENS technology are a solution to this. The whole silo can be controlled by the PC monitor and the control chart displayed on the screen. Learning to operate concrete silo technology is for you as easy as learning to use IT technologies is for children.

Combining concrete silo potential with technology modernization offers unlimited possibilities, the question is whether the owners are ready for it. Those who want to succeed in the farming business should have equipment comparable to agro-terminals common abroad.

A practical example 

There is a concrete silo in the Czech Republic, currently undergoing a complete modernization. At the moment there are three intake pits with SKANDIA ELEVATOR conveyors, each of capacity 120 t/h. The elevators' capacity was also raised to 120, respectively 150 t/h. Loading and unloading drag conveyors were replaced by the highest capacity conveyors by SKANDIA ELEVATOR. Last but not least, a Gebr. RUBERG cleaner of capacity 200t/h was installed to the 6th level of the silo, that is 20 metres above the ground, straight into the intake and transport routes. To speed up the expedition and cut the costs, the processes were optimized and an expedition drag conveyor with capacity 200 t/h was installed. By doing so, this capacity was also achieved for loading onto train carriages and trucks.  The final material is weighed by precise certified scales. As the unloading was now so fast and the outlet slide fixed, the inflowing material was accumulating on one spot and was not distributed evenly in the truck or other means of transport. The problem is that it is not possible for the driver of the vehicle to move it about as needed or signal when the vehicle needs to be moved. The issue was solved by installing a camera directed towards the outlet slide and a Wi-Fi network in the loading area. The footage is being transferred online to the tablet in the cabin, which is a sophisticated and comfortable solution and it speeds up the total speed of loading. 



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