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Computer control

  • easy to control 
  • the system is programmed to meet the needs of any investor
  • all the necessary data are monitored and recorded
  • the remote access can be also used to act when immediate maintenance is needed



PC Control 

It is the most modern control system, where the operator launches a selected programme by clicking the mouse on the control chart on the PC monitor in the control room. The system is programmed to meet the needs of the investor. All the necessary data are monitored and recorded. The current status of silo filling, the grain temperature inside a silo, outdoor temperature and humidity are the basic elements that the operator can see and evaluate directly on a PC monitor.

The system of activating ventilation is dependent upon the current outside air temperature, humidity and time, and its goal is to balance the temperature difference inside and outside the silo, to prevent condensation and consequent damage of the stored grain.

Important data can be displayed using a remote access, e. g. on a mobile device. The remote access can be also used to act when immediate maintenance is needed or to monitor system failures identifying possible defects.

User-friendly control

The whole post-harvest line is controlled by a control panel installed in a PC (Windows XP and Control Web 6.1). The PC mouse has a function of both a pointer and a control. It may start engines, open and close flaps and outlet slides.

The machinery control is very easy and user-friendly. When you want to run a particular conveying path, you have to set up the flaps and outlet slides to appropriate positions, using left or right mouse button, then left-click on the machine you would like to run (to stop the machine, use a right click). Before the machine starts running a warning sound signal are automatically switched on.  

The software also signals failures. When, for example, a thermo-guard is disconnected after an engine overload, the preceding machines, which transport grain into the faulty machine, stop their operation. The symbol of the machines that caused the problem starts flashing in red and the sound signal starts beeping.

The system also allows automatic run of machines connected to a cleaner. It means that all connected conveyors and fans, including the cyclone fan, are automatically switched on after the cleaner starts running.

Silo automatic control

Every silo has got two bottom ventilation fans and one top exhaust fan. They are run manually, by clicking on the appropriate fan, or by a timer. The timer control panel will appear after clicking on “Fan timer”.  The operation of fans in each silo can be set up individually and is blocked by outside temperature and air humidity, the desired values can be set using this panel.

Silo filling measurement

Fill-up measuring devices are installed in the main silos as well as in the hoppers at dryers. They indicate free space in metres with the accuracy of 0.1 metres.  

Fill-up sensors are installed in hopper tanks. When the grain reaches the sensor, a light control appears on the screen, the sound signal starts beeping and information appears on the screen. At the same time, the conveyor transporting material into the silo stops operating. 

Temperature measurement

4 thermometers with 8 sensors are installed in the main silos. The measurement is carried out constantly when the PC is switched on. On the PC panel a threshold temperature value can be set up, all the numbers above then will appear in red. This signalization is dependent on the silo fill-up levels (only grain temperature is taken into consideration, not the temperature of the empty space above it). Setting can be done separately for each silo.  

The temperatures are archived every day. Each silo has its archive, divided into months, and the archiving period is one year. The temperatures can be displayed in a chart or a coloured graph and printed. 



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