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Store your crop in quality grain silos   

Store your crop in quality grain silos                

Having a quality line for post-harvest grain processing and storing at disposal is undoubtedly a win for each farmer. It is possible to store the crop safely in silos for a long time without sacrificing its quality and then sell it at favourable price and business conditions. Cleaners and dryers also contribute to increasing the market value of the harvested commodity.

A quality post-harvest line is quite a high investment, however, the costs spent will return to the farms quickly. PAWLICA s. r. o. is a long-term supplier of post-harvest technological equipment mainly to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. It can offer its customers both the reconstruction of existing post-harvest lines and also the construction of a complete turnkey line, from the preparation of project documentation up to the commissioning of the line. The provision of warranty and post-warranty service goes without saying. Post-harvest lines of Pawlica brand, which is patented, are equipped with proven technological equipment by leading foreign suppliers, as Stela (dryers for grain and maize), Brock (grain silos from USA), Bin (grain silos from Poland), Gebr. Ruberg (grain cleaners and pre-cleaners) and Skandia (conveyors). However, the company's range is much wider, it also includes laboratory instruments and grain moisture meters Pfeuffer, continuous scales Jesma, grain quality sorters Bomill (sorting of grains infested with fusarium or according to protein content) or PawlicaTruckScale, road weighbridges.

Quality grain silos are almost a necessity

Pawlica s. r. o. delivers galvanized American silos of BROCK brand, EVEREST series made of corrugated sheet, and BIN silos exported from Poland made of straight sheet metal for grain storing. “Thanks to their optimized design, the Brock silos can have a cylindrical section up to 32.5m high and a diameter of 4.5 to 47.6 m. The design of the roof allows for an extreme load of up to 59,000 kg at the top of the silo on the largest models. These are highest values on the market, which prove the uniqueness of this technology” adds Ing. Pawlica. Thanks to their specific characteristics and interior equipment, Brock silos ensure perfect storage conditions.
In order to guarantee truly quality long-term storage, sufficient ventilation must be provided in the silo. Ventilation in grain silos by Brock is provided through a fully slatted floor with 100% ventilated area over the entire silo cross-section. So-called “Eave Vent Kit” represent a very effective element of ventilation. This is a vent around the whole perimeter of the silo roof, replacing of the commonly used vent chimneys on the silo roof. The patented “Eave Vent Kit” design allows to use roof panels without passages, e.g. smooth over their entire length, thus eliminating the possibility of water penetration through the openings around conventional chimneys. In combination with the roof anti-condensation fan, it ensures the ideal air flow under the roof and thus the discharge of saturated air from the space between the grain and the roof. Main ventilation is provided by high-pressure radial fans.

A new line was erected in the first phase and reconstruction will take place within the second phase

During its existence, the company PAWLICA s. r. o. has realized dozens of deliveries of turnkey post-harvest lines and reconstructions. Some of them are also located in the Slovakia. This year, the company built a new line for the agricultural cooperative Prašice, namely in the locality of Veľké Bedzany. The cooperative farms on almost 4,500 hectares of land, where it grows mainly wheat, barley, oat, rape, grain maize, peas, fodder crops and sugar beet. It also operates the production of feed compounds, cattle breeding with milk production and broiler fattening. With such a large area and the volume of commodities produced, the construction of a post-harvest line and warehouses was a logical step. The line includes crossing intake basket with adjoining Skandia conveyors with an output of 120 t/hour and SØBY grain pump. A grain cleaner Gebr. Ruberg RVS 120 (120 t/hour) is used to clean the grain. The line also includes maize dryer, Stela MDB-XN 1/7-S . For storage, four Bin silos were built with a total storage capacity of 6700t plus four dispatch tanks. Two of them are supported on strain gauges. But that's not all. In the next phase, the existing post-harvest line will be modernized so that it can also be controlled by a computer.

Posklizňová linka pro Poľnohospodársko-podielnické družstvo Prašice

The largest investment project in the company's history

In addition to the construction of classic post-harvest lines, the portfolio of PAWLICA s. r. o. also includes the reconstructions of concrete silos. An example is last year's project for the complete reconstruction of a concrete silo in Blovice ordered by the State Administration of Material Reserves. It was the largest investment project in the company's history. “Work on the project began in May 2018 and was completed in the fall of 2019. Within the reconstruction, we delivered almost a hundred Skandia conveyors of the highest Heavy-Duty series, 90% of which reach a capacity of 200 t/hour. In addition, six Jesma conveyor scales for commercial weighing with very high accuracy were delivered, as well as three grain cleaners. “Our pride in this project is mainly the work of assembly teams, as we had to install equipment with double dimensions in the existing space.
Due to the requirement to increase the variability of operation, a literally a forest formed by thick-walled gravity pipeline with a diameter of 324 mm and a total length of 1500 m was created inside the silo” reveals Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA, executive secretary of the company. As he further specifies, the concrete silo in Blovice has a capacity of 73 thousand tons and the exchange of technologies inside the silo took place under its full operation. All works lasted a year and a half, and up to 60 assembly workers took part in it at the peak. Thanks to the modernization, it was possible to significantly increase the output of the silo. Intake is now almost twice as fast as before. It was increased up to 720 t/hour. In addition to the modernization of the intake, all transport routes were replaced, and also continuous weighing of stored and unloaded material. Three grain cleaners were installed, together with two dryers and new control system and PC monitoring.

Společnost PAWLICA s.r.o. provedla rekonstrukci betonového sila v Blovicích

Two lines in one place

The original intention of the Agricultural Cooperative Křižanovsko was to reconstruct the original post-harvest line from the 1970s, which was already in a critical condition. In the end, however, it was decided to build a new line, right next to the existing one and to use the old line exclusively for storing the feed. As it farms on the area of 1600 ha, extra warehouses and a cleaner will come in useful. “For storage purposes, we built three BIN grain silos in Křižanov with a total storage capacity of 1626 tons. The silos will be used primarily for the storage of malting barley, food wheat and rape. We equipped the line with Swedish Skandia conveyors with an output of 60 t/hour, which are further supplemented by the equally powerful grain pump Soby SG60. Cleaning is provided by screen cleaner Gebr. Ruberg RVS60, which is mounted directly on the dust chamber in order to streamline the disposal of separated waste” informs Ing. Ondřej Bucher, the project manager, and adds that the new post-harvest line is the first phase of the revitalization of the entire post-harvest treatment in ZD Křižanovsko.

Posklizňová linka PAWLICA v ZD Křižanovsko

Dryer and silos of above-standard dimensions

Even the Polish branch of PAWLICA s. r. o. is not idle. One of the largest Polish projects took place in BIOAGRA s. a., which is a leading Polish producer of ethanol and bioethanol. The company is a part of the BZK GROUP, purchasing organization. In Goświnowice, it processes a total of 300,000 tonnes of maize per year, making it one of the leading ethanol producers in Poland. In 2015, PAWLICA installed the largest model of the Stela BiTurbo dryer there. “BIOGRA had a requirement to build a dryer that would be able to dry 1000 tons of maize per day with dehumidification from 35% to 15% humidity, while the grain should be cooled at the outlet to a temperature 5°C higher than the outdoor temperature. Low gas consumption represented another important requirement. Eight companies took part in the tender for the construction of the dryer, but we won the contract. The investor was attracted by the new BiTurbo technology with guarantees by Stela, as to gas consumption, output, cooling, noise and dust” explains Ing. Pawlica, MBA. The guaranteed output of the mentioned dryer is 45 t/hour with dehumidification from 35% to 15% humidity; when recalculated it corresponds to1080 t in 24 hours. Thus, it is dealing with the largest Stela BiTurbo dryer in Central Europe. In 2019, a new project for the construction of storage silos was realized. PAWLICA delivered two giant silos to Goświnowice, each with a capacity of 4982 t.

Obří sila na obilí BROCK v polských Goświnowicích

Interesting construction of a hall for the weighing of trucks

The construction of multifunctional farm halls represent a new sphere of business for PAWLICA s. r. o. “For AGE s. r. o., our affiliate company based in České Meziříčí, the production of modular halls is main focus, which is very advantageous for us. Their halls perfectly complement our product portfolio” explains Ing. Pawlica and adds that the mentioned halls are used mainly as warehouses, haylofts, sheds and the like. For example, we can mention the project of MORAGRO, a. s., investor from Prostějov, for which the construction of a hall for the weighing of trucks was commenced at the beginning of the year. “The project involves the construction of a new half-covered hall, where two weighbridges will be installed for automatic weighing of trucks at the entrance to and exit of the premises. A continuous automatic sampler will be installed between the weighbridges, which will independently take samples, on the basis of pre-set points, both at entry and exit. The whole organization of weighing and sampling will be connected to a modified internal ERP system. Barriers, taking photographs of trucks, traffic lights and other elements necessary for smooth operation will work fully automatically without the intervention of the investor's operator” explains Ing. Ondřej Bucher, the project manager, and adds that only one laboratory technician and driver will be able to operate the intake and dispatch in the periods of low traffic.

MORAGRO, a. s. si najalo firmu PAWLICA na stavbu haly pro vážení kamionů

Successful reconstruction of the grain store

In addition to the deliveries of new turnkey halls, AGE s. r. o. can also arrange for the reconstruction of older halls. The project for the Farma Třebešov s. r. o. operating in Uhřínovice, in the district of Rychnov nad Kněžnou, is an example. Here, AGE completely reconstructed the storage hall used for storing cereals and oilseeds in 2020. Air is blown from below, under the stored material through the ventilation ducts covered by the crossing grate, by means of overpressure fans and spiro pipes, thus maintaining the correct temperature of the goods. “In this hall, we carried out a complete repairs and painting of the plaster, increased the existing perimeter wall and ensured a complete repair of the floor. The central ventilation ducts were walled up, outside ventilation ducts were demolished and their function restored. Existing floor was concreted, new frames were installed to support ventilation grates and a new entrance to the hall was built” reveals Václav Bouz, executive director of AGE s. r.o. The reconstruction also included the repairs of electrical installations, installation of new entrance sectional doors and installation of new hall cladding. Thanks to all the interventions carried out, the investor can now store up to 2400 mł of grain in the hall in a high-quality manner.

Nová skladovací hala na Farmuě Třebešov s. r. o.