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New partnership with the Náruč association

Recently, Pawlica s. r. o. established a partnership with the Náruč association, which provides a social rehabilitation service in Dobřichovice and offers jobs on the protected labour market in the Modrý domeček café in Řevnice. The Náruč seek to integrate the people with disabilities back into normal life. Pawlica s. r. o. feels the need to promote the social approach in society, and therefore it decided to support civic association Náruč o.p. in the long-term.

“Within the social rehabilitation service, we help our clients to develop in those areas of social skills that they themselves consider important, and whose mastery helps them to live independently in society," explains Marie Hrdá, who is responsible for business, promotion and communication at Náruč. As she adds, the Centre for Social Rehabilitation provides its clients with several basic services: individual client support, thematic groups for development and activation, field services and basic social counselling.

Social services are gratis for the clients

The clients of the Náruč association mainly include people with mental disabilities and illnesses. The services provided by the social rehabilitation centre are completely free for them.

The first of the services provided is individual client support aimed at achieving the greatest possible independence in managing his/her daily life; the specific form of service provision is determined according to the current needs of the client.

Thematic groups for development and activation is a program focused on training and skill development suitable for clients who want to actively use their time, harmonize their daily routine and establish new social contacts with other people. 
Field services represent support that takes place in the client's natural environment – in his household or elsewhere, in order to support a person's natural social ties to his/her social environment. If due to his/her social situation or health condition the support in his/her natural environment is more beneficial, the service worker comes to the client's home. At the same time, it is possible to accompany the client to important meetings, to the authorities, to the doctor, to job interviews, etc. The aim may also be to practice the use of public transport or the orientation in a new unknown environment.

The last service that the centre offers is basic social counselling. “This means the providing the necessary information about the possibilities how to solve an unfavourable social situation or the ways how to prevent it. In this context, we offer, for example, information and advice on how to exercise rights and claims when dealing with authorities, how to proceed when looking for a job, looking for another suitable service and so on” explains Marie Hrdá, adding that the centre currently take care for about three tens of clients.

Unconventional café

In addition, Náruč operates a catering production and a café called Modrý domeček in Řevnice, which provides protected jobs. The café currently employs around 55 people, more than half of them are disabled. “When these people are able to work, we can offer them a job in our café. Of course, they work part-time, usually for a few hours a week, so as not to overload them” explains Marie Hrdá.

Recently, the association also opened a gastronomic production focused on edible gift assortment. The main products on offer include packaged salted caramel in a glass, syrups, jams, honey, decorated gingerbread (all of own production) and organic coffee. As part of its catering activities, the association supplies refreshments for various social events. Other activities of the association for clients include, for example, the operation of a summer cinema, cultural club, workshops or cooking courses.