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High-quality silos increase revenues from grain sales

High-quality silos increase revenues from grain sales

Today, having a grain store at its disposal is a win for each farmer. It is possible to store the crop safely for a long time without sacrificing its quality and sell it at favourable price and business conditions. However, not all silos available on the market provide good storage conditions. Their offer is wide and it is necessary to get as much information as possible about the selected product and also positive references before such a large investment as building a complex of silos is commenced.

Pawlica s. r. o. belongs among most experienced players in the post-harvest market of the Czech Republic. The company has been delivering complete turnkey post-harvest lines for more than twenty years and has already built silos with total capacity exceeding 1,100,000m3. While doing this, Pawlica cooperates with renowned business partners from abroad, because just their equipment has been tested in practice for many years and succeeded. “Since the establishment of our company we have been cooperating with the STELA, German manufacturer of dryers, and PFEUFFER, German manufacturer of laboratory equipment. For a long time, we have also offered German grain cleaners by RUBERG, Swedish conveyors by SKANDIA or BROCK silos made in America and Polish export silos of BIN brand. The products of these manufacturers have proven extremely useful in practice, so there was no reason to replace them. Other branded products were added over time. Such as the American grain pumps Hutchinson and their European version by Danish company SOBY, or industrial scales for bulk materials JESMA” explains Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA, managing director of the company, and adds that all these products complement one another perfectly in the post-harvest lines by Pawlica and create a unique and perfectly functioning whole. PAWLICA is registered trademark today.

Drop in a safe place

The course of weather during harvesting is different every year, so farmers never know in advance at what quality and moisture they will harvest the grain and at what price they will be able to sell it. But helpers like driers and silos can make harvesting faster and more efficient. Revenues from the sales of commodities then can be increased. “The grain dryers dry the commodity and stabilize it to optimum humidity for storing. Harvesting can begin in the morning and machines do not have to wait in the yard. In addition, when it is possible to store grain somewhere safely, the sale can wait until the time, when the prices and business conditions are more favourable. The financial return of post-harvest lines is fast, and those famers who have such line at their disposal have an advantage over others,” notes Ing. Pawlica. Pawlica s. r. o. delivers galvanized American silos of BROCK band, EVEREST series made of corrugated sheet and BIN silos exported from Poland made of straight sheet metal for grain storing. “Thanks to their optimized design, the BROCK silos can have a cylindrical section up to 32.5m high and a diameter of 4.5 to 47.6m. The design of the roof allows for an extreme load of up to 59,000kg at the top of the silo on the largest models. These are highest values on the market, which prove the uniqueness of this technology” adds Ing. Pawlica. Thanks to their specific characteristics and interior equipment, BROCK silos ensure perfect storage conditions. BROCK has been producing silos since 1957!

Quality ventilation

In order to guarantee truly quality long-term storage, sufficient ventilation must be provided in the silo. Ventilation in grain silos by BROCK is provided through a fully slatted floor with 100% ventilated area over the entire silo cross-section. The maximum silo height generates extreme pressure on the grate panels and their supports. TRI-CORR, patented shape of grates with reinforcing ribs, in combination with PARTHENON supports show very high strength and durability even at the highest specific pressures generated by the grain column. So-called “Eave Vent Kit” represent a very effective element of ventilation. This is a vent around the whole perimeter of the silo roof, replacing the commonly used vent chimneys on the silo roof. The patented “Eave Vent Kit” design allows to use roof panels without passages, e.g. smooth over their entire length, thus eliminating the possibility of water penetration through the openings around conventional chimneys.  In combination with the roof anti-condensation fan, it ensures the ideal air flow under the roof and thus the discharge of saturated air from the space between the grain and the roof. Main ventilation is provided by high-pressure radial fans.

EUROCODE marking for silos

EUROCODES is a designation for a set of European technical standards used to assess the statics of steel and building structures that must be met for the EU market. BROCK silos from USA are always delivered to the Czech Republic in this quality. Based on the local conditions (regional snow and wind load, possibly also seismic zone), a static calculation is carried out, the output of which contains also a detailed assembly breakdown of changes in the thickness of individual sheets and vertical reinforcements of the silo when compared with the American standard. For the sake of interest, in the case of a silo with a capacity of 1,000 tons it is dealing with an increase in the silo weight by 6%.  Without these standards, it is illegal to market the products. There is a risk of collapse and all risks are born by the farmer. Unfortunately, these principles are often violated in our country. “BROCK silos are completely manufactured in the USA and designed in compliance with EU standards. Therefore, they are absolutely safe. Moreover, they can be insured against risks” adds Ing. Pawlica.

Brock silos have proven themselves in Moravské Budějovice

Agrovýkup a. s., joint stock company from Moravské Budějovice, has been realizing its dream of ideal storage capacity for several years. In 2019, it extended its warehouses for the third time, namely with other galvanized silos, two of them built in co-operation with Pawlica s. r. o. Thanks to the new BROCK silos, the company now uses the warehouses with a total volume of 81,000 tons, which is absolutely ideal for its business activities.

The first phase of construction was realized in Moravské Budějovice in 2014: Pawlica installed two new galvanized BROCK EVEREST silos with total capacity of 9,560 tons of grain next to four older silos. Five years later, however, Agrovýkup a. s. needed to increase the volume of warehouses again and also wanted to build a more efficient intake together with transport routes and cleaning. We relied on Pawlica, s. r. o. several years ago and as we were very satisfied with their work, we decided to use it also in the next stage” said Jaromír Konvalina, director of Agrovýkup a. s., in his speech at the ceremonial opening of the new post-harvest line, which was visited by approximately one hundred guests last June. Within the second construction phase, which began in 2018, the entire post-harvest line was extended by three Brock grain silos (3,841 tons each), one 6,498 tons Brock silo and two 84m3 dispatch tanks.  Skandia conveyors of the most powerful H (Heavy-Duty) series with a capacity of 120t/h are installed to transport the material. In addition, a new intake basket with an output of 120t/h was installed last year and also the cleaner (Ruberg RVS 150) with the output of 150t/h. “We are fully satisfied with the new post-harvest line. Not only the realization is perfect, but also the overall approach of Pawlica. And what is important –  the silos are not only quite spacious, but together with the conveyors they present a well-designed logistic whole. Anytime we can approach any commodity. When we are loading a commodity, we never know in advance when we will need to manipulate it. In short, we must have access to everywhere from anywhere – even where we do not yet know that it will be needed. I like the things that are thought-out and in the case of the realization of the post-harvest line by Pawlica, it is really so” Konvalina evaluates the work done.

They extended they warehouses after ten years

Ten years ago, agricultural cooperative in Dolní Újezd realized, in co-operation with Pawlica, extensive investment in the construction of a new post-harvest line with two intake baskets, grain dryer, cleaner and 13 galvanized silos of BROCK and BIN bands. In 2009, with a storage capacity of 16,000 tons, the company had one of largest post-harvest lines in the Czech Republic. Despite the size of this project, it was only the first stage of construction. The second one was realized this year. Its objective was to increase the output of the entire line and to increase the capacity of warehouses. “In 2018, we commissioned Pawlica s. r. o. to carry out the modernization of existing line, consisting mainly of increasing the output of transport routes up to 100t/h. Therefore, SKANDIA conveyors and SØBY grain pump were installed there. At the same time, existing cleaners on both independent intakes were replaced with more powerful RUBERG RVS 120 models with an output of 120t/h. But the list of works does not end there. In the following year, the storage capacity was also increased to 28,000t by adding 11 new BIN storage silos” says project manager Ing. František Beneš. The company farms on an area of 9,000 ha, and so the new grain stores come in handy.

They reconstructed after-harvest line with mixing plant          

However, Agrovýkup a. s. is not the only returning customer of Pawlica. The situation was similar in the ZOD Kámen, where the second post-harvest line was modernized last year at the centre Kámen U Habrů. It was an extensive project amounting to 47 million crowns, which included also the reconstruction of mixing plant for feed compounds. At first, the post-harvest line with dryer and warehouses was opened at Sedletín 12 years ago. Due to the greater need for storage space, it was necessary to add additional silos. “In 2018 we set about reconstruction of existing line at this centre. We expanded our storage capacity by another four BROCK silos, each with a capacity of 1,600 tons. This year we continued in line completion. We had here an old drier from 1986, which was already very uneconomical. Therefore, we decided to build a new dryer. We acquired the STELA GDB-TN 1/9 S model and also RUBERG RVS 110, new cleaner. The intake basket at the centre remained original, but SKANDIA conveyors and the SOBY grain pump were installed, all with a capacity of 100t/h. Thanks to this, the output of the whole line has increased,” Ing. Václav Vala, company director, is very happy about it.

Freedom in trading

Enterprises having post-harvest lines with warehouses at their disposal have a great advantage over others. Grain storage is not supported by subsidies for a long time, but everyone, who arranges for it, becomes independent of commodity trading and, moreover, is able to maintain it in the required quality. Today, thanks to GrainTerminal (www.grainterminal.cz) web platform, even smaller farmers can trade for themselves and can get the best possible prices on the market. “We are very pleased that there are companies that still invest in post-harvest treatment because they see all the benefits that it will bring. Moreover, thanks to the absence of subsidies, the equipment is chosen by reason and money is not wasted” notes Ing. Petr Pawlica, managing director of Pawlica s. r. o.