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Celebrating a jubilee

Celebrating a jubilee by a visit to the largest post-harvest line in the Czech Republic

At the end of August, Pawlica s.r.o. and their customers and technology suppliers celebrated a very important jubilee: since 1998, they have constructed galvanized grain silos with the capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Pawlica s.r.o. supplies turnkey technologies for drying, cleaning and storing of crop production for farmers in the Czech Republic. They have been building BROCK and BIN silos since 1998 and this year they managed to hand the jubilee millionth cubic meter of silo storage over to their customers. Such a success must have been celebrated. The event took place at the end of August in Hostěradice in the premises of AGROSERVIS TRADING a.s., the company which with their 155,000 cubic meters disposes of the highest storing capacity in the Czech Republic.

The initial speech of the event was given by managing director of Pawlica s.r.o., Ing. Petr Pawlica, MBA. “It is an honour for me that we were able to install one million cubic meters of storing capacity in steel silos and that we were the first company in our industry to achieve such a figure. We owe the success to our well-coordinated team of professionals, quality and reliable suppliers and especially the customers who appreciate our products and services and wish to run high quality storage capacities,” he said and added that he was glad to keep and gradually extend the well-oiled team of colleagues, supplier companies, customers' interest in the provided technologies and services as well as good reputation of the Pawlica brand.

Offer of new services

As Mr Pawlica further revealed, the company wants to offer their customers new services. The news of this year is e.g. the GrainTerminal project. “It is an internet application whose goal is to achieve more mutually favourable prices without middlemen by means of electronic platform for direct trading between farmers and manufacturers,” he explained. Higher appreciation of the harvest is, in his opinion, the base for further investments, e.g. to new storage silos. “Financial transactions of both local and international systems of payment within the GrainTerminal are to be carried out in CZK, EUR and PLN by means of a secured account held by ČSOB which actively supports the project,” Ing. Pawlica explained. He thanked Ing. Petr Kopeček, manager of the agricultural sector of ČSOB, for the established cooperation.

The larges line in the Czech Republic

In Hostěradice, guests were also welcome by the chairman of the board of AGROSERVIS TRADING, a.s. and Zea, a.s. Hostěradice, Ing. Jiří Pevný, and chief agronomist of the company, Ing. Vladimír Vančura. They mentioned interesting points from the history of the farmstead. “We bought the company in 1998; two years later we started to remodel the Hostěradice centre to grain storage. At that time, we farmed 4,500 hectares and we needed to store great amount of grain. The district purchasing company, though it had been privatized, used to close their gate on Friday afternoon and they did not purchase till Monday – and we wanted to harvest at weekends, too. That was the main reason why we started to build the first two receipt lines. Then in 2002, we built a maize drier and a year later, we started the first construction of Brock silos,” Ing. Pevný described to the listeners beginning of the cooperation with Pawlica s.r.o.

“We were gradually buying the nearby farms and as we extended the area of our fields we needed to extend the storing capacity of this premises. By today, we own ten agricultural companies and there are 26 storage silos in the Hostěradice premises, 24 of them by Brock,” the chairman of the board added. Ing. Vančura said that the company farms 18,000 hectares of agricultural land. It grows mainly maize, winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, pea and alfalfa. Apart of that, it breeds pigs and feeds ca. 2,000 bulls.

Suppliers were among the guests

The Pawlica post-harvest lines are assembled mainly from foreign technologies. That was the reason why majority of representatives of these technology suppliers took part in the celebration in Hostěradice. “Brock USA deals with grain storage and supplies storage technologies. Our cooperation with Pawlica is excellent and we hope it will continue and further develop,” Doug Niemeyer, president of CTB Inc., said. His colleague Marc Plastow, investment director of CTB, added that we live in very unstable times and the instability affects the US as well as majority of Europe. Marc Plastow believes that firm business contacts like those between Brock and Pawlica will contribute to better stability. On behalf of Hutchinson USA, the event was participated by Lee Case, sales representative for Europe; on behalf of German Stela, by the owner Thomas Laxhuber. Ruberg from Germany was represented by Karsten Linken, Skandia from Sweden by its sales representative for Eastern Europe Magnus Werner and JE-MA from Denmark by Torben Kjaer, its sales representative for Eastern Europe.

Installation of the new phase of storage in Hostěradice was also participated by Czech companies – Siemens Česká republika represented by Oldřich Kupa and Kovodružstvo Strážov represented by Václav Valter, the director.

To finish the ceremonial speeches, Ing. Pawlica took the word again. “People say that it is the first million which is difficult, than it is supposed to go easier. I wish the new silos in Hostěradice were empty before each harvest and full afterwards and I hope we will meet here again to celebrate our second million,” he added and together with Ing. Pevný symbolically poured champagne to christen the silos that had been built this year in the seventh but definitely not last extension phase.

The largest post-harvest line in detail

After the welcome and speeches, guided tour of the construction followed. As Ing. Pawlica informed, immediate receipt capacity of all lines in Hostěradice is 600 tons per hour in four baskets. The installation includes two high-capacity Stela driers with coolers and the overall capacity of 87 tons per hour when drying maize of 30% humidity. “We run the lines ten hours a day on average and we are able to receive up to 6,000 tons of grain a day. With the yield of 6 tons per hectare, it corresponds to the harvest from 1,000 hectares a day – including cleaning and storage,” Ing. Pevný stated and added that the overall storing capacity of the premises in steel silos amounts to 155,000 cubic meters. The premises have been constructed in phases since 2013 and further extension is planned if it is required.

The latest construction phase of storage spaces – seventh in order – comprises of wheat receipt line Ruberg RVS 240 with grain cleaner and the capacity of 240 t/h; the cleaner is followed by Brock accumulation silo with conic hopper and the volume of six times 1,050 tons. The line is specialised in cereal. Its aim is to quickly receive harvested grain and store it in conical silos. Capacity of the receipt basket is 250 tons per hour. Trucks transporting the harvested grain can be tilted backward or sideward, the grain does not need to be pushed in. A truck is unloaded in two to three minutes. The line is interconnected with another line. The grain can thus be received and stored in other silos, too. Control room with control system was also made accessible for the visitors.

What is interesting is the fact that each silo is provided with gravity discharge, additional equipment by Brock. With the capacity of 400 t/h, the silo can be discharged to trucks without starting the engine. The conveyor for the line was supplied by Skandia. Capacity of the receipt elevator is 250 t/h; the discharge is carried out by JE-MA conveyor belts and Hutchinson grain pump. The transport technology with the capacity of 250 t/h serves for both stocking and discharging of silos. A new feature is the continuous level monitoring by Siemens radars which can measure the silo volume. Volume of the smallest silo within the premises is 1,000 cubic meters, volume of the largest one 15,000 cubic meters.

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