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Pawlica s.r.o. introduced themselves in Africa

Pawlica s.r.o. introduced themselves in Africa

Last July, business mission to Africa took place once again. Several Czech entrepreneurs were offered a chance to accompany Marian Jurečka, Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, on his journey to Ghana and Ethiopia and present their companies and products. Pawlica s.r.o. was one of them.

Minister Marian Jurečka wishes to restore the tradition of agricultural trade between Ghana and the Czech Republic and strengthen the trade potential with Ethiopia. The aim of the business trip was to extend business cooperation with both countries and facilitate trading opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa for Czech entrepreneurs.

The Minister started the five-day business mission by negotiations with Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Minister of Food and Agriculture of Ghana. The negotiations in Ghana concerned for example investment possibilities related to restoration of production units which had been delivered to the country by Czechoslovak companies. “In Ghana, I can see many opportunities to revive the long-term tradition as various production units used to be delivered to the country such as the equipment for sugar refineries, tanneries or factories manufacturing agricultural machines. I am glad we can discuss current business relations with agricultural representatives of both countries. I am pleased to say that there is a universal interest in establishing of new contacts. I support the efforts to enter into cooperation between Czech and local manufacturers of food, agricultural commodities, food processing technologies and agricultural technologies,” said the Minister who also met the Presidents of Ghana and Ethiopia within his journey to Africa.

The agenda of the mission also included business seminars or a visit to a pineapple plantation and fruit processing plant. Czech delegation, among others, introduced their Ghanaian and Ethiopian partners a strategy to keep water in the country and offered their experience in this subject.

In Ethiopia, Minister Jurečka met Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Eyasu Abraha Alle. Apart from other subjects, they discussed cooperation in environmental protection. The main subject of negotiations in Ethiopia was the trading and investment cooperation in plant nutrition and protection, animal farming, sugar industry, beer industry or dairy industry.

Ethiopia is an important partner of the US and EU. The main items of Czech imports are coffee beans, vegetable and vegetable products, shoes and leather. As far as the export is concerned, other than agricultural items prevail which is why the potential to start new business relationships should be utilized.

Between the Czech Republic and Ghana, there are great investment opportunities which might restore the relations which had been established in the last century. The most important items on Ghanaian market are the footwear plant in Kumasi or cooperation with a Czech company offering agricultural machines.

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