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New system of ventilation

New system of ventilation in BROCK silos

In order to guarantee truly quality long-term storage, sufficient ventilation must be provided in the silo. Ventilation in grain silos BROCK is provided through a fully slatted floor with 100% ventilated area over the entire silo cross-section. The maximum silo height generates extreme pressure on the grate panels and their supports. TRI-CORR, patented shape of grates with reinforcing ribs, in combination with PARTHENON supports show very high strength and durability even at the highest specific pressures generated by the grain column.

So-called “Eave Vent Kit” represent a new and very effective element of ventilation in BROCK silos. This is a vent around the whole perimeter of the silo roof, replacing of the commonly used vent chimneys on the silo roof. The patented “Eave Vent Kit” design allows to use roof panels without passages, e.g. smooth over their entire length, thus eliminating the possibility of water penetration through the openings around conventional chimneys. In combination with the roof anti-condensation fan, it ensures the ideal air flow under the roof and thus the discharge of saturated air from the space between the grain and the roof. Main ventilation is provided by high-pressure radial fans.